Dear ___,

It weighs on me that I never told you..

I never told you how you once made me happy.

I never told you how much I appreciated you.

I never told you I’m sorry.

I never meant to leave it as I did.

But what I want to tell you is that,

thank you for everything.

Thank you for your support and love.

Thank your for the memories,

but it’s time.

There comes a time when it’s enough.

When everything we had was no longer real.

I’m sorry because the magic has dissipated.

Consumed with my own pride,

I watch myself crumble.

And with that, I brought you down with me.


I unbind us from this web

of destruction.

“Ït’s not you, it’s me.”

It’s all true. It was me.


Ironies of life

Why does she pick a flower from its place of thriving because she wants to appreciate its beauty?

Why does she experience sadness so that she may find happiness? Why does she grieve to value presence and feel pain to find strength?

How often does she remember the things she does not want to instead of the things she has to?

Does she realise that the best choice for her is to be silent when someone expects her to be enraged?

Can it be that the very person who brings out the best in her is also her weakness?

Nobody seemed to remember whatever good things she did but how is it that they remember once she’s done one mistake?

Does she know that when she takes care of other people, she too needs care and love?

He said that he’s going to be there for her always, yet he was the first to walk out. And she hated what comes after, because that’s when she realised that she loves him.

P.s this is general and it does not coincide with anyone whatsoever. Anything else is purely coincidental. I felt that I have to say it. When it didn’t actually matter. Oh the irony. 

A world without love

A world without love. Can you picture it? Its like morning with no sun, night with no darkness. There would be no heat, no passion to be held. Yet this world so nearly exist. We live in such a world daily. We tell ourselves, fool ourselves into believing that we love each other. A cute […]