As you take your breath, someone is drawing his last. The leaves fall from the trees and the sun continues to rise. As you struggle to get out of bed, the bees are out dispersing pollen, to bring new life. The time keeps turning even when you hold still. You were too busy waiting for something out of your reach when you could’ve lived your life to the fullest. Time is always perfect. It was predestined. Its how you use it is what matters.


Unlikely friendship

A follow-up on: Chance

I spent my summer mostly with him. And we became best friends. He had a bracelet to officiate it as well. There you go, my first male best friend. One I have to consult my problems, to share my feelings, and talk about anything and everything. He knows how I feel usually and he understands me. I appreciate his kindness towards me and I hope this isn’t just a summer-fling-friendship (you get it). I’m currently packing my things as I’m leaving for the semester break. Just two weeks but he’s already bummed about it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I won’t leave you, friend. I’m here for you always.

Until then, I want you to not forget me, take care of yourself, and think happy thoughts. I won’t be there to hold your hand and show you the way. It’s all you now. Make good choices and don’t stay in the past.

The lost puzzle piece

I’ve never felt intoxicated. A different kind of attraction to both the brain and soul. It makes me accomplish things I’d never expect. The kind where you start to do the things you’ve left a long time ago. It sparked a familiar flame that was once burning passionately inside of you. You were given the key to reopen the drawer of forgotten dreams and wishes that were once put down by the false idea of reality you once forbear.

This was the sign you’ve been looking for all along. The trigger was it all along.

If you ever find this feeling, hold onto it and never let it go. It is the missing puzzle piece in your life and it fits perfectly, in your hands.