Up all night

This attraction I have for you is surreal. Just the thought of you sends chills down my spine and it woke the butterflies in me, raging into a storm. How do I stop the fluttering that happens at the mention of you? Its hard for me, especially at night, right before I sleep. I’m not supposed to think of you but I can’t help myself. I know its wrong but I’m addicted to the idea of you.


Unlikely friendship

A follow-up on: Chance

I spent my summer mostly with him. And we became best friends. He had a bracelet to officiate it as well. There you go, my first male best friend. One I have to consult my problems, to share my feelings, and talk about anything and everything. He knows how I feel usually and he understands me. I appreciate his kindness towards me and I hope this isn’t just a summer-fling-friendship (you get it). I’m currently packing my things as I’m leaving for the semester break. Just two weeks but he’s already bummed about it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I won’t leave you, friend. I’m here for you always.

Until then, I want you to not forget me, take care of yourself, and think happy thoughts. I won’t be there to hold your hand and show you the way. It’s all you now. Make good choices and don’t stay in the past.


I’ve reached the 11th day – counting down days till I officially start my class. Met some people on the way, from Singapore, and from among the locals.

My journey has only just begun, but to my surprise, I had to associate myself with a very complicated person. Funny thing, that person is from my homeland. And I thought affiliations with international people were already a challenge.

Four times I had to deal with said person and all I received was multiple positive and negative gestures – all of which were prominent as characteristics, which I think is highly unavoidable, and I have to accept them as they are.

When I thought I had enough, I realised the one I always go back to, or in times of desperation, or of last resorts, guess who saved the day?

So it’s probably safe to say I need you. In the best way and the worst. And I’m ready to take on whatever you throw at me!

Yours truly,

The pleased client.