Weekend Getaway


I stole my weekend amongst datelines and projects to escape to the beach. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I went to one. Too long. I miss the salty breeze and warm glowing sun. I miss getting sand stuck in between my toes and letting the sun kiss whats left of me.

Destination: Pulau Perhentian
Date: 7-9th of April 2017

I was actually planning to go to Perhentian but it kind of exceeded our budget – probably because of the resort I chose. I mean I want to live like the queen for once, you know. Opportunity showed up, plastered on the screen of the noticeboard near to the cafe in my school. What interested me the most was the offer it presented. Basically, what we’re trying to achieve accumulated only 1/3 of the amount we were supposed to lay out. Well, obviously it wasn’t a resort per se but it’ll do. I was desperate.

I showed the poster to Hidayah and circumstances wouldn’t allow her but she joined me at the last minute, which was great because it was our plan initially(or was it mine). I wouldn’t mind going on my own with a group of strangers though! You can make friends anywhere you go. Golden tip.

Paid the rest of the balance and we gathered on Thursday night at the grand staircase, then off we went! It was the most longest, tiring, uncomfortable bus ride ever. 9 freaking hours, bumpy and freezing my ass off. We reached the morning of the next day and had our breakfast at the most expensive and tackiest local food place. I see you, snake, trynna suck the moolahs of these tourists. Me included, sigh.

Day 1.
We waited at the jetty and took a boat ride for an hour to our residing area, Kampung Nelayan (Fishermen Village). We checked in to our 5-star resort, the Sealife Inn Hostel. A large room with 5 king beds, a single toilet and a shower. Wowwee. It’s alright though, we had amazing roomies. We changed to begin the adventure with trekking around the Island. I thought it was simple because they made brick pathways throughout but after about 1/2 an hour, it proved to be a bit more challenging. The pathways were destroyed by the overgrowth of land and roots and also destroyed by the flowing river. And not to forget the extremely steep paths that seemed to never end. I swear halfway my legs were about to fail on me. Our journey was interrupted by the sudden downpour and we took shelter near a construction site. I noticed we were already among resorts so we had to take a detour and head onto Long Beach – downwards. Once we were there we couldn’t resist and jumped in the water! The current was strong though. Waves pounded on us and for a few times we lost our balance. What a way to greet us!

After we dried up a bit, we pressed on further for a hike to where the wind turbines were. Rocky and slippery, we made it after 45 minutes of climbing. The view is ah-may-zing. It was worth it. The climb, the slip, the sweat and non-existent tears. Everything else was forgotten. Except that moment. Took a mental picture in my head since my GoPro was acting up and we returned back to the beach. Oh yeah the place was crowded which was why we didn’t stay up there for long.

Hidayah was sweet to accompany me there till night time and we had barbecued fish and homemade pizza. We also watched the lit af fire show (no pun intended). We spent the rest of the night sitting on the sand and watch the waves crash on the shore, underneath the splatter of stars. When it was time to go, we hired a water taxi and had the most frightening journey of our lives. A bit of an exaggeration but hear me out. In the dark, with the aid of light strapped on the boatman’s forehead, possibly maxed out speed, no roof on our heads and no place to support ourselves. Not forgetting to mention the open sea. We couldn’t even speak due to the strong gushing wind and the excessive skips on the surface of the sea. We can only cry faintly and express pain cause it rocked violently.

When we got back to the hostel and I took my own sweet time to shower. I was the last one. Got all my toiletries and towel, hung it up and opened the valve. Guess what? Not a single drop of water. Then I remembered I refilled my water bottle so I had only that much to clean off the sand from my body. Horrifying.

Day 2.
Honestly, let me fill this one up in the future. (This has been too long overdued.)


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