4 days of Solitude

This is my first time experiencing University life without my friends for only a short period of time. Where are they? Currently somewhere in my hometown. Yes, I am here, in Malaysia. Will be along for 4 days – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (apparently a public holiday).

Why did I choose not to go home? Countless reasons.
1. Commitment to the ART (Asiium Research Team) – I’ll tell you about it next time.
2. I have something on Friday.
2. Saving money (I have bigger plans apparently).
3. I have tons of reading up and assignment. Well, one each but well..
4. I just wanna try being alone in a foreign land.

Friday – I woke up at 7.30am to get ready. It was my first time volunteering at a kids centre. It was actually a Somaali learning centre. I was pretty psyched and nervous, knowing my bad experience of dealing with children. Not pretty but I was willing to try my best. I even learned a few phrases from Somalia. I youtube-d it and wrote it down. Like Subax wanagsan, means good morning. It’s pronounced subah (‘h’ form the back of your throat). Pretty cool huh? It was even more interesting that subah is similiar to an arabic word صباح (su-baah – similar pronunciation of ‘h’), which also means morning! I spent the rest of the day after that, in the Library. Attempting my research on Political Science, yikes!

Saturday – I woke up at 12pm. That was the worst feeling ever. It’s been long since I woke up that late. Around 2 I decided to drop by the cafe to meet Razali and have lunch. Prior to that I actually went uphill to KICT to withdraw money. That was the only place available to withdraw with an overseas card. Am Bank failed on me for two days – curses. Back at the cafe, I met Fathiyah! we had late lunch together and it was raining so heavily. It would be nicer if I was with my love interest *wink wink*. She left when there was barely rain and I continued with my work until 6pm, for the closing of the cafe and even though Razali offered to give me a ride home, I told him I was going to sit at the canteen to finish up (which I didn’t – only progressed by 10%). I went home after maghrib, in the dark. There was a sort of this melancholic feeling walking in the streets, few students, lesser cars, hopelessly lit areas.. There wasn’t any feeling of security, but I enjoyed every moment.

Sunday, today – I woke up at 10 am, did laundry, and laaaaaaaaaaaazed around all day like a cat. Seriously, I went out for lunch, came back, listened to some music, refreshed twitter for about 10,000 times, and the rest, some unproductive things. I’m to make it all up by continuing my assignment. Yes, GOd, it’s not done yet. Had my cuppa matcha, hopefully the caffeine will hit me up soon, and if it doesn’t, all the best to me!


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