Passive Sorrow

Nothing feels worser knowing you can’t do anything to change it. When you can’t make her smile because you didn’t go through what she went. Nothing feels worse than knowing you can’t be there for someone you care about. 

She is beautiful and kind, wise beyond her age and she is bold and brave. One of the bravest people I know. And one thing’s for sure, her heart is carved of the purest gold. She is one of the people who greatly inspires me and her friendship is one I treasure a lot. 

When you know a relationship based on love for the sake of Allah, it’s unbreakable and genuine. And I intend to keep it that way, laced with beautiful memories and learning. 

Right now she is at the other end of the happy spectrum. I can’t possibly feel what she feels because I am not in her place and body. I am not in her circumstance and experience. And I feel useless for being me, not being able to share her sorrows but to only linger outside of it.

My hearts breaks, but how many times more hers broke, how many times has she been greeted by the little blue line.

Ya Allah, make her patient, make her content when knowing she is not complete without it. Let her know that people around her really love her and make it known that she is cared for. Shower her with your blessings and let her hold strong onto the little hope that she has. Only You know what’s best.

May you always seek solace in His hands and protection, my darling. May I get to see the happiest smile in your eyes. 


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