Dear ___,

It weighs on me that I never told you..

I never told you how you once made me happy.

I never told you how much I appreciated you.

I never told you I’m sorry.

I never meant to leave it as I did.

But what I want to tell you is that,

thank you for everything.

Thank you for your support and love.

Thank your for the memories,

but it’s time.

There comes a time when it’s enough.

When everything we had was no longer real.

I’m sorry because the magic has dissipated.

Consumed with my own pride,

I watch myself crumble.

And with that, I brought you down with me.


I unbind us from this web

of destruction.

“Ït’s not you, it’s me.”

It’s all true. It was me.


Forget me not

The same things which used to keep me up all night, didn’t anymore. None of your words – or even your absence – struck me. It didn’t bother me because I’ve learned to let go. The days or conversations we once had were long gone. I’m starting to believe that my mind left way before I actually did.

But all I ask is for you to forget the mistakes I made and the pain I caused. Remember me as a friend who you once knew. We were foolish to swim among unchartered waters – sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason. We were uncertain, and we will always be.

Keep the memories which makes you happy, but do not stay for you will never find reality. 

“And it wasn’t my choice to love you but it was mine to leave. I don’t think the moon ever meant to be the satellite, kept in loving orbit, locked in hopeless inertia, destined to repeat the same pattern over and over – to meet in eclipse with the sun – only when the numbers allowed.”
– Lang Leav