I’ve reached the 11th day – counting down days till I officially start my class. Met some people on the way, from Singapore, and from among the locals.

My journey has only just begun, but to my surprise, I had to associate myself with a very complicated person. Funny thing, that person is from my homeland. And I thought affiliations with international people were already a challenge.

Four times I had to deal with said person and all I received was multiple positive and negative gestures – all of which were prominent as characteristics, which I think is highly unavoidable, and I have to accept them as they are.

When I thought I had enough, I realised the one I always go back to, or in times of desperation, or of last resorts, guess who saved the day?

So it’s probably safe to say I need you. In the best way and the worst. And I’m ready to take on whatever you throw at me!

Yours truly,

The pleased client.


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