Fear is Boring (and Other Tips for a Creative Life)

“So whenever I hear creative people complaining about how it’s a battlefield, and how they’re bleeding over their work, and how awful it is, I always want to whisper to inspiration and be like, ‘Hey, if you’re sick of her, just come over to me.’” At TED, Elizabeth Gilbert shares 11 ways to think about creativity.



“I knew that in the silence that followed, that anything could happen here. It might be too late again. I might have missed my chance. But I would at least know I tried, that I took my heart and extended my hand, whatever the outcome.”
― Sarah DessenThe Truth About Forever

Yesterday I was invited to an intro event for the newcomers – held by the students from my country. They took the time to showcase some organizations or activities they held during their course of years in the university. Nothing of the awkward sort, but they were really passionate about sharing knowledge and helping the less fortunate.

I disagreed on some things but I kept them to myself. I only just met them so it’s probably best to hide my ‘judgmental’ side. Till the end of the event, I observed some inappropriate manners which actually bothered me. It’s like their priorities were jumbled up. And I realized that as a person, will not tolerate this. I had seen this as a virus among the small and respectable community, whereas to some, it’s like a little sniffle.

I have decided to create a mission for me – to annihilate the bad things. It probably deems impossible right now, but I will try my best. God help me.

Phase 1: 
I will start small. Probably visit group matters or meetings, or volunteer to be present on  a certain day and observe how things work. That way I will have a gist of who is in and who is it. Separate the baby from the herd. 

Ironies of life

Why does she pick a flower from its place of thriving because she wants to appreciate its beauty?

Why does she experience sadness so that she may find happiness? Why does she grieve to value presence and feel pain to find strength?

How often does she remember the things she does not want to instead of the things she has to?

Does she realise that the best choice for her is to be silent when someone expects her to be enraged?

Can it be that the very person who brings out the best in her is also her weakness?

Nobody seemed to remember whatever good things she did but how is it that they remember once she’s done one mistake?

Does she know that when she takes care of other people, she too needs care and love?

He said that he’s going to be there for her always, yet he was the first to walk out. And she hated what comes after, because that’s when she realised that she loves him.

P.s this is general and it does not coincide with anyone whatsoever. Anything else is purely coincidental. I felt that I have to say it. When it didn’t actually matter. Oh the irony. 

Letting go

Sometimes you are craving for something new in life, a new meal or a new decision. You get so caught up in trying to find something new to experience. It was then you realise that that’s not what you really want. You are dying to go back to the same little life you had just before, the same ol’ routine and to drown in familiar senses. 

It’s not the new sweater you recently bought, it’s the old worned out one – stained with ketchup,  first rated 18 movie at the cinema and long memories of cold monsoon. Thats’s the one you find it hard to part with. All you remember was the comfort it brings, the unforgettable memories that came with it, and the new experiences which follows.  

But when it serves no more purpose, stinks, and looks like furry rags, its time to let go

A world without love

A world without love. Can you picture it? Its like morning with no sun, night with no darkness. There would be no heat, no passion to be held. Yet this world so nearly exist. We live in such a world daily. We tell ourselves, fool ourselves into believing that we love each other. A cute […]



I’ve reached the 11th day – counting down days till I officially start my class. Met some people on the way, from Singapore, and from among the locals.

My journey has only just begun, but to my surprise, I had to associate myself with a very complicated person. Funny thing, that person is from my homeland. And I thought affiliations with international people were already a challenge.

Four times I had to deal with said person and all I received was multiple positive and negative gestures – all of which were prominent as characteristics, which I think is highly unavoidable, and I have to accept them as they are.

When I thought I had enough, I realised the one I always go back to, or in times of desperation, or of last resorts, guess who saved the day?

So it’s probably safe to say I need you. In the best way and the worst. And I’m ready to take on whatever you throw at me!

Yours truly,

The pleased client.