Moving Away

For college life! My school is located in Kuala Lumpur, about 343km away from my hometown. Not that impressive, but it’s still away

After much, much, complications and false-hopings, we will be trying our luck to get ourselves INTO the school, by presenting ourselves right under their (admin) noses. After all, we did as were told, and even had all the documents (crazy requests) submitted – including their steep fees. They returned the favor with delaying our notifications, informing us the possibility of a deferment and giving an impossible dateline to surpass. So you’d understand if we will come head-to-head with the office folk in the school. 

As much as I dislike their way of things and the processes, I marvel at the educational curriculums which they currently offer. All I want is to further my studies and fill my brain with new information and knowledge. Expecting so much from a prestigious school, I am willing to close one eye on certain limitations – like unreasonable rules and procedures. 

(And this is me speaking, being a total sourpuss when I’m not officially in yet.) 

Nonetheless, I am very adaptable to my surroundings and I, as usual, will find the light of things. Hopefully I’ve made the right choice in surrendering to their politics so that I may learn. If one has the truest of intentions, what could go wrong, eh? Here’s to me, journeying to the life of independence, adulthood and of a student. 


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