The Illusion of life

All my life, I’ve been told what’s wrong or right for me. I’ve been fed with opinions, ideas, choices – none of which I came up with. I’ve been told how to dress up, how to sit, how to talk and how to be silent. Society is doing everything it can to mould my mind, my character and my life. It teaches me how to follow and not to stand out. 

What has society ever done for me? 

The moment I do something different, it reprimands me without knowing why. It calls me weird, wrong and ignorant. Why can’t I cover when it’s alright to show skin. Why can’t I share my opinions when I am free to say. Why am I wronged for something that I do not do, that the small number of people do? 

What has society given me?

They tell you to dream big and reach for the stars, but they set the bar for you. They tell you to save the earth, but they wage political wars. They put you in categorization of statures when all men were born equal. They vouch for human rights but only if you are rich. 

The real question is, what changes have you made? 


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