La dernière lettre 

A blank paper, waiting to be inked. How can one translate these feelings I have for you, these memories I do not wish to forget. How do I catch everything, to tell you how I really feel? 

Do I begin with sentiments or my sorrows? Could you see between the lines how this heart beats with you? How can I summarize our memories and say one last final farewell? 

With a broken heart, this pen sighed across the paper – the last favor, the last words, the last tear. In my hand I hold, the final memorandum, with only two words, “good bye“. 

It won’t be the same after this, with your absence. And this will be a beginning, after the ending. This will be la dernière lettre (the last letter).

Two dear friends of mine will be leaving for college. To start a new chapter of their lives. There they will find new challenges, tread new roads and experience a new kind of aspiration. 

I hope they will never find grief, I hope they will never find heartache,  I hope they will never feel lost and insecure. 

I hope they find blissful happiness, I hope they find new opportunities, I hope they feel home wherever they are. May God protect them and guide them. 

Prayers and love to you two. I am more than proud and blessed to have known you too. I know you’ll do amazing. 


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