I have recently came home from a holiday in Johor, Malaysia – a 3D2N trip with my family and a couple from my maternal extension. 

It was a temporary escape from my unprogressive life. I got to try something new and visted places I’ve never been to. It was both thrilling and relaxing. A bit of adventure and poolside chill. 

For a moment I forgot my dued checklist, my love life and petty problems. My future was on hold, and I get to experience the present. As cliche as it sounds, it is truly a gift. 

I need to remember to take a breather, and to not be driven by other people’s expectations and not to worry of what others think of me. I’m tired of figuring out if everything is perfect when my knowledge of what’s going to happen next is limited. 

There’s no right or wrong in life. We all learn one way or another. Life is about making new mistakes and improving ourselves. If we keep avoiding mistakes like a plague, we learn by what’s on the surface, never connected to the soul. Experience is the best teacher (there I go again).

Take a moment to take the longer route. Steer out of your intended journey and broaden the horizons. You may not experience everything, such is life. We will always miss something, and that makes each individual different. We are our own story, we are our own authors. 


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