A Black Cat

A little about myself, nothing out of the ordinary except what stands me out from the rest, is my mind. Never constant, never stationary, never invited.

I will have a thousand things to say, a thousand nones. Only I can deem what is fit for my sentences. I’m not much of a talker but if I do, definitely irrelevant to my life. I don’t confess nor dwell in the past. I move like the night over day, leaving what I wouldn’t carry, wouldn’t stop for anybody.

I never liked people clinging onto me, but I would expect them to care. I would become a listening ear, if they are the things I like to hear. I’m a procrastinator of all sorts, but I won’t delay another’s work. I work best under limited time. The pressure drives me and I am sharpest at the oddest of times – sometimes after the risen sun, sometimes after 1 (am or pm).

I enjoy doing things other people love, but with lesser commitment. I do a bit of everything and I would never pass up an opportunity to try something new. Don’t expect anything from me, I have no superiority over anything. So love me as I am, my own person. Love me because I will keep you insane, and I will share the wonders of the road less traveled, the words never said, the thoughts never encountered.

I’m a black cat they told you to stay away.
I am your temporary escape.


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