As you take your breath, someone is drawing his last. The leaves fall from the trees and the sun continues to rise. As you struggle to get out of bed, the bees are out dispersing pollen, to bring new life. The time keeps turning even when you hold still. You were too busy waiting for something out of your reach when you could’ve lived your life to the fullest. Time is always perfect. It was predestined. Its how you use it is what matters.


Up all night

This attraction I have for you is surreal. Just the thought of you sends chills down my spine and it woke the butterflies in me, raging into a storm. How do I stop the fluttering that happens at the mention of you? Its hard for me, especially at night, right before I sleep. I’m not supposed to think of you but I can’t help myself. I know its wrong but I’m addicted to the idea of you.

How I want it to be

more than anything, is to hear you laugh at my wittiness and sense of humour. Laughter is the remedy. Not just any kind, but the laughter where gums are showing and you can’t help but to throw your head back. The kind where your stomach hurts and you don’t feel restricted to genuinely laugh your hearts out. The one where I get to see you enjoy my company. That’s when I know you are comfortable with me. That’s how I want it to be.

Unlikely friendship

A follow-up on: Chance

I spent my summer mostly with him. And we became best friends. He had a bracelet to officiate it as well. There you go, my first male best friend. One I have to consult my problems, to share my feelings, and talk about anything and everything. He knows how I feel usually and he understands me. I appreciate his kindness towards me and I hope this isn’t just a summer-fling-friendship (you get it). I’m currently packing my things as I’m leaving for the semester break. Just two weeks but he’s already bummed about it. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I won’t leave you, friend. I’m here for you always.

Until then, I want you to not forget me, take care of yourself, and think happy thoughts. I won’t be there to hold your hand and show you the way. It’s all you now. Make good choices and don’t stay in the past.

That girl

Do you ever just look in the mirror and find yourself staring at someone you are unsure of. This person at the other end looks like you, moves like you and breathes like you. But somehow you couldn't recognise her. You can't help but wonder what is she going to do next or what shes thinking about. She has emptiness and fear in her eyes. She has the look of hope written all over her yet she does nothing. She doesn't know which step to take, nor she knows what to feel. This girl had no future, and no beginning. Just stillness and void. She is almost wasted. What would you say to that girl?

August 2017

I’ve made it into August (I’m already at the half mark)! After such a dramatic and emotional July, I’m ready to move on.
If I had to describe July, it was a mess. A terrible mâché of unstable emotions, broken dreams and missed opportunities. I would like to make up for it for doing as much as I can, for my own productivity and experience. I need to take charge of my feelings and intentions. It has to be renewed constantly and I have to kick myself into driver seat.
It’s all about positivity and hope now.

I tend to make goals every month so here’s August’s:

Stay happy
Love hard
Admit mistakes
Appreciate life
Be bolder

So far, my August agenda is filled with so many things! It’s one of the important months because one of my close friends is getting married. And this month I get to go for a little getaway as well. So here’s to me, trying out new things and making new memories. Till the next post!

Love energy

Energy is transferrable. Its never created nor destroyed but it changes its form. It wasnt you who hurt me. It was me all along. I started loving when I wasnt ready. I did both the loving and the hurting. The love that I found caused tidal waves of hurt and disappointment.

Fix you

“I promised to fix you, to help you, to save you. I promised to pull you back up to the surface of these violent waters. But somewhere, somewhere among the churning waves, I drowned. And as blue faded to black, I prayed not for my life; I prayed that I succeeded in making you float.

Tell me you’re floating. Please, look down deep into the water below. Squint, search for my fading silhouette. And tell me that I fixed you, helped you, saved you.”